Family Photographer in Tel-Aviv, Israel +

Hi, i’m Nimrod and i’m a family photographer – with a twist.
My camera comes with me everywhere i go because i believe that everyday moments hold meaning.
Whether the supermarket, the beach, or a casual visit to the ER – every time and place are a potentially awesome photograph.

How did it all begin?
This is a classic story about a photographer who was once a child that found an old camera in his parents’ attic. I instantly knew that this is my destiny! Equipped with a roll of film and a photography book, I devoured two and a half pages before deciding it was boring, and gave up.

In my twenties, I gave photography another shot, only this time, the spark caught on – after experimenting with different lenses and styles, it all converged into a genre that if it didn’t exist, I’d have to invent it myself – Documentary Family Photography.

One of the things I love most about documentary family photography is the opportunity to really get to know the families I work with. Each session is a chance for me to learn about your unique dynamics and intricacies, and to capture authentic photos that showcase who you truly are and not just what you look like.

Kids have this amazing ability to be completely present in the moment, with zero self-consciousness. They do what they want, when they want, and sometimes in the weirdest, most wonderful ways imaginable.
As parents, we tend to overlook these magical moments but as a photographer, it’s gold! – these unscripted moments are a large part of why i do what i do.

I’m truly lucky to have a wife who appreciates this and three boys who never cease to provide me with plenty of moments to document (and experience).
After years of practicing my art and honing this skill in documenting my family, i’d love to document yours.

A typical dinner

Ready to jump in?

Okay, so how does it work?

Choose a day that you want to have documented (something special or totally uneventful), it’s best if most family members are present most of the time.
I’ll come over and spend the day with you (might bring a camera or two).
– Ran out of milk? To the supermarket!
– A/C broke down? I’ve got a swimsuit!
– Family’s going on a half-marathon? *jingles car keys*

When we know there’s a camera around, we tend to act unnatural at first. But after a while, we get used to it and the camera fades into the background, allowing us to return to our normal behavior.
That’s why i believe that sessions should be three hours and up to a full day – the longer I’m with you, the more comfortable we become and the better the photos turn out!

Itching to find out more?

Raising kids is not easy – Understatement of the century!!

You might have signed up for joy, laughter and loving moments but the fine-print clearly states frustration, tears and rage, cluttered houses and sleepless nights.
You don’t have to look back at your family from a distance of years to see the hardships of parenting in an appreciative way.
What will your kids remember from their childhood?