Documentary Family Photographer
in Tel-Aviv, Israel and beyond

Hi! I’m Nimrod,
your unconventional family photographer


you are here

Because you want photos that represent who you are and not just what you look like

Because your phone contains TONS of photos of your kids but you’re not in any of them

No, selfies don’t count

Because if your baby drinks from the dog’s bowl, you might as well have it documented

Because maybe you don’t even like being photographed but still believe that photos hold a deep value for your family

Itching to find out more?


how it differs

Every time and place is a potentially great photograph, and every session is an opportunity for me to get to know the families I work with in depth and learn about your unique dynamics and intricacies.
Unlike your standard family photos, documentary family photography is finding the meaningful photos hidden in your everyday life – from getting ready in the morning to tucking the kids to sleep, all in an authentic and unposed way.

Kids have this amazing ability to be completely present in the moment, with zero self-consciousness. They do what they want, when they want, and sometimes in the weirdest, most wonderful ways imaginable.
As parents, we tend to overlook these magical moments but as a photographer, it’s gold! – these unscripted moments are a large part of why i do what i do.

Ready to jump in?


how it works

Choose a day that you want to have documented it can be something special or totally uneventful and I’ll come over and spend some time with you (might bring a camera or two).

Ran out of milk? to the supermarket!

Hungry kids? let’s cook up a storm!

Gone swimming? I’ve got a bathing suit!

When we know there’s a camera around, we tend to act unnatural at first. But after a while, we get used to it and the camera fades into the background, allowing us to return to our normal behavior.
That’s why i believe that sessions should be three hours and up to a full day.
Just remember, session time is like wine, the more you have the better the photos get 🙂

still on the fence?


so they say


Raising kids ain’t easy

Understatement of the century!!
You might have signed up for joy, laughter and loving moments but the fine-print clearly states frustration, tears and rage, cluttered houses and sleepless nights.
You don’t have to look back at your family from a distance of years to see the hardships of parenting in an appreciative way.
What do you remember from your childhood? What will your kids remember from theirs?
When you photograph everything, you get a fuller picture – photographs are pillars of our memories, your’s and your children’s.

Congratulations for reading till the end!!